Motion Graphics: How To Make White Wine

As part of my motion graphics class for New Media Design at RIT, this project's goal was to improve our understanding and use of After Effects as well as improve our understanding of the principles of animation. For this project, each of us had to pick a topic to inform the audience on, through either a narrative or infographic animation. I chose to go with the humorous approach of letting happy, little grapes walk us through the wine making process. I had a lot of fun coming up with different metaphors and situations to represent each generalized stage of the process.

Ever wondered how white wine is made? 
Let these happy grapes take you through the process! 

The goal of this project for my Motion Graphics class was to create an infographic or narrative animation to show/teach the viewer something. I took advantage of this and decided to go with something a little more humorous. Metaphors represent each step of the wine-making process. Overall, the process has been fairly simplified - mainly because each individual wine has their own very specific process.

This project helped me learned more and have a better understanding of Adobe After Effects. All the assets were created in Illustrator and brought into After Effects for animating. This project helped me learn more about effects and expressions in After Effects. I also focused on improving my use of the principles of animation.
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